DMC Referral Program FAQ

How Much Money Can You Earn Per Month?

 There is no limit to what you can make per month. When you refer a property that gets purchased, you earn up tot $1,000. This means that you can make several thousand dollars ($3k to $5k) monthly by simply referring a few properties that meet our criteria. The more properties you refer, the greater chance one will be acquired. 

How Quickly Can You Start Making Money?

  Closings on properties can happen fast. Sometimes in just 7 days, but generally between 7 and 21 days. You could start making money as quickly as a week or two from today.  

How Much Time is Needed to be a Property Scout?

 You set your own hours and can start referring properties as soon as you sign up. In just a few hours per month, you have the ability to earn a sizable income.  

Are There Really Zero Costs to Get Started Today?

  Yes. There are no costs to become a refer a property through our online system. You just need your eyes and a keen since of observation. 

Can You refer properties if You Don't Have a Real Estate License?

 Yes you can. You're not representing the owners of the properties you're referring. And you're not engaged in the selling or listing of properties. You're only referring properties to our company. So a license isn't needed.